Founding member Hjalmar Molander

Bergö Antiquarian Society was established in 1943 with the founding and maintenance of a Lokal Museum as the main goal and with the ambition to continously encrease the collection in the museum. Mr Hjalmar Molander, grandson of the sexton Benjamin Molander was the person who took the lead in 1943.  Through donations from villagers he collected a great deal of the old time items found in the museum today.


Bergö Antiquarian Society Board for 2023.

Chairman Per-Erik Berglund

Vice chairman Magnus Molander

Secretary Lise-Lott Flemming

Treasurer Henrica West

Members: Linda West, Madelene Westerlund, Kent Söderholm.

Suppl. Member: Björn Nyman, Van Molander, Tony West